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Band, Gates and Dramis

Band, Gates, and Dramis is known for being relentless and dedicated to the needs of our clients. We realize that when individuals seek our assistance, they are usually doing so because they need a compassionate and committed ally on their side. This is what we strive to provide. Bringing more than 100 years of collective legal experience to each case we handle, our legal team possesses the in-depth knowledge and proven skills required to deliver real results.

Band, Gates, and Dramis as a decision that focuses on Real Estate Law and transactions. They are comfortable working with investors, wholesalers, and individuals. 

Why should you hire our firm? Consider the following reasons:

  • Members of our legal team have been honored with inclusion on the Super Lawyers® list.

  • We are motivated by our commitment to delivering favorable results for our clients.

  • We handle every aspect of your case.

  • We have a long track record of satisfied clients.

Relax Realty Group

Relax Realty Group has dedicated people that are diverse in their skills and talents. Most of our agents personally own rental properties and work closely with investors on a daily basis. We have a list of wholesalers that give our clients the opportunity to be first in line when investment opportunities arise. We are active members of REIA and NARPM, which keeps us up to date on the latest trends and issues regarding property management and real estate investing.

Specialized Trust Company

Specialized Trust Company is a boutique financial services firm that specializes in allowing clients to self-direct their retirement, education, health savings and 401(k) accounts into alternative assets like real estate, notes, mortgages, trust deeds, precious metals, FOREX and virtually anything the government allows.

What Separates Us From All Others?

  • Service

  • Education

  • Support

  • Community

  • Innovation

  • Protection

Contact Mike Liello at (505)-514-0601 or at

Let them know REI Live SRQ sent you for a FREE consultation and discounts on your account set up fees!

Beneva Flowers

The proof is in our flowers and plants. Our bar-setting level of customer service. Our floral artists and their singular talent. The fact that our products are always offered at the best value. The fact that if you want it, we can get it.

We've made some key decisions in our more than 30 years in the industry, and those have become both the standards by which we operate and the secret to our success. We buy direct from farmers, so our cut flowers are of higher quality and longer-lasting. We source from all over the world, so our selection is a veritable rainbow of options.

What else? We've put together a team that combines substantial experience with a fresh, new perspective and kept our business to a scale that allows us to provide exceptional service. We're not too big or too small. We may manage our own fleet of delivery vans and answer our phones 24/7, 365 days a year, but we're also going to remember you by name. We use the most advanced technology available in our industry to keep us moving, but we still fuss over every order to ensure its quality and correctness.

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Open Letter Marketing

Our Core Values

  • Innovation

    • We consistently develop new strategies to provide better results for our business and customers.

  • Development

    • We are continuously growing, both personally and professionally.

  • Accountability

    • We take ownership of our individual roles and the company as a whole.

  • Integrity

    • We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism.

​​The most effective products & services on the market.

Open Letter Marketing letters outperform the competition by 26.7%. That means a better ROI on your real estate efforts.

  • Unique Custom Mailers

    • Our real estate investment mailers really stand out! You can custom envelopes and use specialty stamps for a branded look.

  • Eye-Catching Fonts

    • We’ve researched which formats and typefaces deliver the highest direct mail response rates.

  • Alternative marketing solutions

    • We offer other directly to seller tactics that help you stand out. These services include Ringless Voicemail, IP Marketing, and Batch Skip Tracing.

PAULREFPC - 2.5% off Postcards and Services


PAULREFLT - 5% off Letters and Campaigns

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Lending One

LendingOne’s mission is to make the overall process of applying and receiving loans for real estate
investors quicker and more reliable by focusing on three key factors:


  • Real Estate

    • LendingOne helps finance real estate investors with the capital they need for their fix and flip and rental properties portfolios.

  • Technology​

    • LendingOne provides a streamlined, user-friendly online application making it faster and simpler for borrowers to receive funding to grow their real estate investment business. Our technology was created by real estate investors for real estate investors.

  • Customer Service

    • LendingOne combines their extensive real estate experience and exceptional customer service to provide a one on one experience to help clients.



Build & Automate Unique Workflows. Easy Workflow Management- Try Free! Mobile Apps on the Move. Unlimited Storage. Amazingly Customizable. Work w/ our API. Try Podio – It's Free. Learn more. Voted Best for Business. Help Your Team Work. SMB & Enterprise Plans.

Streamline and sync your team's projects and workflow with Podio. Experience why PC Mag named Podio Best Online Collaboration Software in 2016.

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Easy Button - Podio

Who is a good fit for the Strategic and Tactical courses?

If you’re consistent in your marketing, follow up, and answering of your phones … Our Strategic & Tactical courses will simply amplify what you are already doing.

  • That’s me, How will you help me with what I’m already doing?

    • Our business is based on the EOS/Traction methodology, where team members are assigned roles. Here’s a sample of some steps you’ll be required to take:

      • Assign the best team member to the best seat & role

      • Hold each team member accountable to report on weekly numbers

      • KPI tracking for every individual in your organization will be a MUST.

    • Consistency in marketing, follow up, and answering your phones are all apart of doing the work. Although real estate investing is simple in theory, it can become difficult in practice! We can promise this if you’re willing to be consistent and DO THE WORK, our tools, and the Easy Button REI system will make a difference in your business almost immediately.

Beast Mode from REI Automation Squad

Podio Platform that is fully automated. Our members work out of one app 98% of the time. There is no longer a question of what the current status is, where the notes are, when the last call was with the seller, or when the next follow update's all in one place!

The money is in the follow-up...Our CRM comes with SMS (text) & RVM (Ringless Voicemail) drip follow up for short term & long term out of the box using your local CallRail Phone #'s.

It's hard to get where you want to be, without first knowing where you've been! Tracking your numbers and knowing your numbers has never been easier with the tracking built into our CRM. We are big supporters of the EOS/Traction business model.

A valid concern with any cloud-based database "is my data backed up", yes we back up nightly. We can provide Excel CSV files of the backup if needed.

The following support is offered: 1) Support Ticket Platform 2) Weekly Zoom Q&A 3) Private Facebook Group 4) Voxer (Walkie Talkie App)

A concern we hear from members that already have a Podio workspace is, "I don't want to lose my items, comments, files, and task in my current workspace" worries we have the ability to bring them over to allow access moving forward!


PropStream Is The Only Professional Tool That Gives You The Data Software And Analytics To Solve Real-World Problems Across The Entire Country!

  • Comparable Home Sales

    • Solve real-world problems with the all-in-one data software and analytics tool:

    • Comprehensive data and context for market insight

    • Visualize where your customers are and analyze your market

    • Access the most current and accurate data from MLS sales and county recordings to generate instant comps

  • ​Nationwide Property Search

    • Search thousands of properties to identify the right market to grow your business:

    • 100+ targeting criteria to find and create prospect lists

    • Uncover properties within your target market - search down to the granule level

    • Engage with property owners who are motivated to sell via world class filtering and lead targeting

  • ​Marketing Solutions

    • Reach more leads, book more meetings, and close more deals with less work:

    • Exceed your investment strategy by generating highly targeted property lists

    • Reach your prospects through customizable marketing tools

    • Find your next customer – before they even know they’re in the market


As you know there’s no shortage of real estate investor and agent website templates on the market. Prices range from $1,500 upfront and $100/mo… to the low end of $10/mo. But we felt there was a gap and real estate investors and agents haven’t been served with what they truly need.

Where all of those other systems make up for cool features like deal analyzers and other fancy doodads… most of them lack in the important things. After all, all of those fancy features aren’t worth much if you can’t get consistent traffic to your site, build credibility from your site when they get there, and convert them to customers from there. Many of those systems are great… but most investors and agents just don’t need all of those features or added expense.

We focus on building clean, professional, flexible, and effective websites for real estate investors, agents, and entrepreneurs in other industries as well, to help you grow your business, gain brand identity, and live the lifestyle you want to live. We even share our data to prove it.

Ready to join the Carrot community? You’ll like the weather over here :-)

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SWFL Home Inspections 

Over 16 years in Business!

At SWF, our extensive knowledge of home maintenance and dedication to first-rate customer service is backed by over 10 years in the home inspection business. This ensures that every home buyer and seller will always receive an honest, comprehensive, and quality inspection. All of our inspectors are NACHI certified and state-licensed, and all inspectors carry lockbox keys for easy access to inspections.

Contact SWF today to find out more about our services and to schedule your next home inspection!

Bob Massanova
RPAC 2020 Golden R President Circle
Woman’s Council of Realtors Florida State Diamond Sponsor
CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) Florida State Sponsor


As members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), you can be assured that not only are all our inspectors qualified, but we also adhere to the association’s standards of practice and strict code of ethics. The code of ethics, as of 12/27/2004 can be found by clicking the following link:

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Pacific Kitchen & Home

Discover beautifully designed brands.
Whatever your style or budget is, we have distinguished brands that can transform your home through a vast selection of entry-level to luxury appliances. 

Our Pacific Kitchen & Home products and services make Best Buy the one-stop source for premium kitchen, bath, and home solutions. When you join our Pacific Sales team, you'll be surrounded by the custom kitchen, bath, and plumbing products to help people build their dream kitchens and bathrooms.

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Sabal Palm Bank

Sabal Palm Bank is a locally owned and operated community bank with offices in Sarasota and Venice.  The Bank’s exclusive mission is to serve the businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs in the communities we serve.

The Bank was founded in 2006 by local shareholders and a local board of directors. In 2013, the Bank was one of the first community banks in the country since the Great Recession to successfully raise new capital exclusively by a community stock sale to local residents. In a time when most banks are owned and controlled by out of area investors and management, Sabal Palm Bank continues to be truly locally owned and operated.  


We are passionate about serving the needs of our community. This includes working side by side with local business owners and not-for-profits to help them achieve their financial goals.  To help make the dream of homeownership possible, we have created numerous home loan products to meet the varying needs of individuals and families throughout the region.  Other products and services including our Self-Directed IRAs, Community Association Services, and Life & Long Term Care division were created to specifically serve needs not being met in the community.  


As the banking industry has changed, we have continued to invest in new products and services to meet the different ways people and businesses perform their daily banking. For example, Sabal Palm Bank offers state of the art technology including internet banking, mobile banking, consumer and business remote check capture, Positive Paycheck fraud protection, text & email alerts, and more.  Most important, we are a Financial Institution comprised of experienced professionals that also call this area home.  We care about our customers and our community.

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Skip tracing is an analytical, powerfully effective solution for finding sellers, debtors, or anyone.

Batch Skip Tracing offers the best data, at the best prices. Pulling from billions of records from public and private records, and niche and unique databases, Batch Skip Tracing expertly locates information to find the data you need.

We provide: Unlimited skip tracing with no long-term contracts, bulk discount pricing, mobile & landline scrubbing, and nationwide data.

PPMP for 10% off

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REI Print Mail

Graphic Connections Group, LLC, (GCG), is located in Chesterfield, a western suburb of St. Louis, Missouri – about 30 miles from the St. Louis Arch. The company was founded by Jeff Charlton, a long time successful entrepreneur. He believes long-term success is rooted in providing high-quality products and services to the end consumer, at a fair price, and going the extra mile to provide a superior level of service. It’s the simple things that make a difference.

Answering the phones with live people, returning phone calls quickly, shipping orders on time, paying attention to quality, thinking about the customer first, and standing behind its products are all little things that set Graphic Connections Group, LLC apart in today’s voicemail society.

GCG has been in business since 1992, providing all types of printing and graphic design to a wide variety of business clients. GCG has in-house copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, and printing presses. We have the ability to create and bring to market, top-notch marketing materials in a very short period of time.

Our mission is to serve you. Give us a chance and you won’t regret it.

Would you like to become a partner?

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